hi! i'm Miriam Esteve

And if you are reading this is because you want to know who is behind it and what this project is about.


My story started when I realized that what I had studied, Computer Engineering, was not the job of my life.


I needed something else to be completely happy. Thanks to a cool team leader who encouraged me to go for my dream I began to study a Master in Visual and Media Arts.

There, I found the meaning in all the technical theory had studied, by adding the creative side that came out of me.


When I finished my studies, I moved out of love  from Spain to Germany and I started working in the design agency of a company as web and multimedia designer and user experience expert.

In 2014 I organized my dream wedding. In my dreams nothing is ordinary, so consequently I sent my guests our invitation per video and set up my personal wedding website, which went down really well with my family and friends.

I thought about turning my hobby into my job, telling beautiful stories of people with my capability of creative and technical knowledge, as I had done on so many occasions with my family, friends and even myself...


Personally, I think v with the same passion and love as if you did it yourself. I knew this is my destiny and I felt the urge to start, so, I started.


This is my story. I presume you are reading this because you are about to live an important part of yours.

Our pathes are crossing at just the right time and place.


I look forward to meeting you.


something more

   I was born in Alcoy (Alicante) on March the 3th in 1984 and now I live and work in Germany.


  I am a dreamer, positive, creative, empathetic, communicative, spontaneous and sincere.


   I am also hardworking, curious and restless. I think my days have 50 hours.


   I studied computer engineering at the University of Alicante and a Master of Arts in Multimedia Visual and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (and other thousend courses, I love to learn).


  I won a prize for a creative stay in Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) and participated in the festival MIRA! with my project of interactives and audiovisuals for a theater play.


   I have lived wonderful years with amazing people in Alcoy, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Valencia & Aachen and Nuremberg (Germany). And I'm very friend of my friends.


  I speak Spanish, Catalan-Valencian, English and German. The Italian is my project to improve.


I love photography and videography, my eyes are practically a camera objective, and the poor around me know I'm a little freak of good framing.


   Whenever I can I like to travel, discover new places of the world and meet people from around the world..


  If ever you do not find me, look for  me on a beach, so if you will not see me ever eating fish or seafood.


  Give me a little reason and I will prepare a big party, and  better with costumes.


I fight for my dreams.  My motto is "If others could do it, let them do it!"


I briefly

I like

The sun and the sea. Good coffee. Cooking and eating. The smells that remind me of good old times. Pretty pictures. Travel. Photograph and record everything. Spontaneity. Discover new songs. The paella of my mother. The moment you leave the plane in Spain. The chilly morning in summer. Visits from my people.

I don't like

Neither fish nor seafood. Officials with bad humor. Gray skies. The lies and hypocrisy. Back pain. Arrogant people. Those who line up at the gate in the airport two hours before, despite having assigned seat.

IT inspires me

Good music. The charming cafes. Curiosities. The details. People, new places and stories. The chocolat. Pinterest.


You can follow control-art from Facebook, Instagram, vimeo and youtube. He you will find all our projects and stuff.

I loke the social media, the most in flesh and blood. But also virtual, and I the most that I like and inspire me are Instagram and Pinterest, you can follow me to discover my own visual story.

Meanwhile you can dance barefoot on the sand to this music list I have made for you or you!


Now you know more about me, and I want to finish saying you that I'm very happy to create stories of people like you and me and do with them  something memorable.


If you want, you can be the next to be part of the visual stories...


 ¡let's tell stories!

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